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Bonjour! I'm Nolwenn, I'm a French native and I've been teaching French since 2010.

I help intermediate learners of French connect with the language so that they can become confident and embrace their French-self.I believe that the emotional connection you have with a language is the key ingredient in language learning.

Master the SUBJUNCTIVE mode

Je vous propose d’explorer le subjonctif et de comprendre quand et comment l’utiliser 😉 

🎧 Le podcast

As learning a language is not just about linguistics, it's also about accepting to change your identity, I created a podcast to help you develop a positive relationship with French

It’s about culture, languages, identity, emotions and it’s in French of course, and you can have access to the transcriptions on my blog.

It’s available on Spotify and iTunes 😉

Learn French with my podcast 

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This is a 1 hour vocabulary lesson in FRENCH based on the EPISODE 22 of my podcast Connect 2 French.

Découvrez mes mini cours digitaux à $5

Idéal pour ceux qui étudient le français de manière indépendante 😉
Niveau: intermédiaire 

C’est aussi un bon outil de révision pour les niveaux avancés

Ce pack contient :
* un livret avec les instructions et des conseils

* une leçon de vocabulaire d’1 heure tout en français (disponible en vidéo ou en audio MP3)

* une liste de vocabulaire traduite en anglais

* un quiz pour pratiquer les mots vus pendant la leçon et une opportunité d’écrire des phrases que je corrigerai.

J’espère que ce pack vous sera utile 😉

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Find out about French culture, ask me questions and get loads of vocab/grammar help 😉

What you need to know about my teaching style:

I teach real French, I provide loads of content and most importantly, I provide a safe space for you to become confident when speaking and guide you through a reflection on your relationship with French. I privilege communication over accuracy. I’ll correct you of course and will cover grammar, but the most important is that you can express yourself freely and confidently.

About me

Name: Nolwenn, it’s Celtic. It’s pronounced: Nol – when


Origin: France 


Languages: French (native), English and Spanish


Passions: unplanned traveling, languages, teaching and walking my dog 😉


Degrees: I have a Bachelor’s in cinema, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education of Foreign Languages and a Master’s Degree in Education.


Teaching experience: 14 years

How my experience as a language learner impacted on my teaching

My experience with learning Spanish was a real eye-opener. I compared it with English. I fell in love with English and learning it was challenging but enjoyable. However, I learnt Spanish without connecting with it. I became fluent quickly but was constantly nervous and felt blocked like I wasn’t really me.

It’s during a trip in Salta and Jujuy, North of  Argentina that I truly connected with the language. I realized that the emotional connection and your identity as a speaker of a foreign language are KEY in language learning.

I investigated this topic as a researcher at the University of Buenos Aires. Now I design my courses making sure that I provide opportunities for my students to connect with French.

What course are you looking for?

Factors such as your needs, your schedule, your level and your location will come into account when choosing a course.

I offer different kinds of French courses: group courses (hybrid courses: half digital and half live), private tutoring and digital courses. The most popular courses are the small group courses because the number of students is limited to 4 which provides you with loads of opportunities to practise.

Some courses are on-site in Nantes (France) where I am based and some are online so you can attend wherever you are.

Contact me

You can email me directly at: