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1. One-on-one

Conversation class

Who is it for?  From A2 to C1

Objective: gaining confidence in speaking, expanding vocabulary, improving comprehension and pronunciation, increasing accuracy. + improving accuracy through writing (homework)


Description: 1 hour session per week + you get a detailed record of vocabulary and new structures seen during the conversation on which I’ll test you on the following week. 


Topics and preparation: fully adapted to you, I’ll provide sources for you to watch or read before our session. Most resources is accompanied by vocabulary help and/or comprehension questions. You can also select sources yourself (articles, songs, posts).  


PRICE:   €28.00 /week

Private tutoring

Who is it for?  From A1 to B2+ level

Objective: improving in all areas of French and we’ll focus on what you need.

The lessons are tailored to your needs and organized in units in G-Drive.




+ 1h live session per week on Zoom

+ A detailed record of the content of each class (all kept in one Google doc)

+ Activities to complete every two weeks  

+ A video of me correcting your work so that you get detailed feedback and clear explanation of your mistakes – reflecting on your work is an important step for learning



Topics and preparation: topics vary depending on your needs and interests. It could be a preparation for an exam such the DEFL, prepapring for a job interview or just improving all skills in general. We’ll work with cultural content (songs, articles, news, blogs, movies, interviews, TED talks, videos, photography…)

PRICE:   €38 /week – 


Upgrade to receiving Homework every week : 44€/week

Remarkable! Nolwenn taught my two children (14 and 17 years old), she managed to make them enjoy having conversations. And she provided support for their school work.
Christine (France)
lives in Argentina
Sometimes people used to tell me "(enter name here) was the best teacher that I´ve had", sadly I was a stranger to that feeling. Then one day I found this excellent French girl who taught me how to speak in a foreign language. She did all that in classes that were natural and fun all the time.
Gabriel (Argentina)
lives in Argentina

2. Hybrid courses to take on your own or in a small group

It’s important to work with small groups as it allows every participant to have time to speak freely and in a safe environment. But it also means that the spots are very limited.

Most of my GROUP courses are hybrid: with a digital part (videos, quizzes, tasks) and a live session (either on site in Nantes, or online on Zoom)

I want to make sure that the course is right for you, so there will be a short interview with me before the course (free of charge of course).


Beginner A1

Who is it for? Anyone who’s starting learning French from scratch.

Individual or in groups of 2 to 4 students

Duration: 6 weeks 

PRICE: €244 for the full course. You can pay in 2 installments.

Total of hours: 40 h (20 hours of live sessions and about 20 hours of digital course)


What I like the most about the class is that you always encouraged us to speak, and make sure we pronounce words correctly. The other thing is homework, I love that after we wrote some sentences or stories, we can record the voice and send it to you for the correction, it helps a lot to be able to listen to your corrections again and again of what I pronounced wrong.
Jena (Thailand)
lives in France
My number 1 improvement with this programme is grammar, I can now understand the logic behind each sentence, even though I still need loads of practice.
María (Colombia)
lives in France

Pre-intermediate (A2)


Who is it for?A2 – Pre-intermediate learners of French. 

Individual or a group of up to 4 students

Duration: 10 weeks

Total of hours: 40h (20 hours of live sessions and about 20 hours of digital course)


Number of students: max 4


This course can also be taken individually.

This course is on-site on l’Ile de Nantes in Nantes, France or online

Taking this class was a turning point for me in my French language journey. You’ve mentioned on the site how your method is to connect us emotionally to the language, and you accomplished exactly that by the friendly but still challenging environment, various activities and tools, and an overall exciting path to learning during each lesson. I’ll be happy to return for other sessions.
Bradley (US)
lives in France
I loved the mix of learning styles - reading, writing, listening, conversation. Your energy Nolwenn - you are a really good teacher - merci beaucoup! And just the material itself was so well made. It was great that we were such a small group and that you participated. It felt super relevant and real. I love that you love language - it was amazing to have such an engaged and sharp teacher.
Line (Danemark)
lives in France
I realized that it was great to learn with people who are in the same situation (a foreigner building a life in a new country) and that you have that experience yourself. I liked being in a small group and having structured variety during the course. I found it to be very equal towards everyone and never rushed through.
Mathew (UK)
lives in France

Intermediate (B1+ / B2)


Who is it for?  B1+ – B2 students

Individual or in groups of up to 3 students

Duration: 6 weeks   

Total of hours: 9 hours of live session  + 1h30 of tutorial videos 

+ about 9 hours of guided activities (including feedback and corrections of writing)


"What I liked the most about the course were the different activities we followed in the class and the homework. It was really well structured. What helped me the most were the practice and the corrections Nolwenn did about my writing and my oral expression."
Julio (Mexico)
lives in France
"I would recommend this course because it's amazing, it doesn't feel stressful at all and mostly you gain so many phrases and new vocabulary. It is great for most foreigners who want to enjoy France and be able to communicate with French people especially in groups."
Belinda (Zimbabwe)
lives in France

3. Digital Courses

Do you know Olly Richards’ learning concept? It is based on story learning, hence the same of his company.

I’ve created 6 courses with Olly so far and I love working with him and his team. Don’t miss out on the next challenge !

These courses are for you if:

  •  you like to read (as it’s based on short novels adapted to your level)
  •  you enjoy learning through digital courses (everything is intuitive and you get constant support)
  • you like to study a little bit every day (estimated time: 15 minutes per day)

Don't miss out on the next challenge !!!

How can you find out when the next challenge is ? 

The cart generally opens only for a few days. To find out when, send me an email, sign up to the newsletter or join my Facebook group 😉

Master French conjugation for Irregular verbs

INTERMEDIATE French Uncovered course is finally out !

This is the new course FRENCH UNCOVERED  created by Olly Richards for INTERMEDIATE LEVEL !

Story Learning is a company I really appreciate. I’ve worked with Olly several times on 30 Days Challenges. I also uses his story learning books with my private students.
Now he launched an intermediate FRENCH COURSE !

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